Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Introduction to (my version of) The Fountainhead

I've finally initiated a blog-of-my-own... after having thought it ever since I was with Sun Microsystems, where all employees were encouraged to do so (blogs.sun.com). Although Sun is in the midst of some hard times, they clearly are leading the way of "corporate transparency" - lead by Jonathan Schwartz (Wow. A CEO who blogs) - by encouraging employees to share thoughts and opinions. So, after that experience, and having read The Cluetrain Manifesto, I now embrace the importance of sharing ideas...

My theme here will be relatively focused: To highlight my personal perspective on valuable, yet untapped, opportunities in technology (did you catch the reference to Ayn Rand?). I'll also probably comment on where I challenge conventional wisdom, as well as antithetical or counterintuitive approaches, that might in fact be a "new way forward." (In no way am I, or do I plan to, endorse the Administration's current or future policies...). Thanks for reading.

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