Friday, August 17, 2007

Pursuing Data Center Efficiency: TelaData's Convergence Conference

Heads-up: TelaData - essentially the premier consultants for designing data centers - is holding a Technology Convergence conference on October 16. I'll be giving a talk on Active Power Management, and Bill Coleman our CEO, will be keynoting. There's also an amazing lineup of speakers on infrastructure, power, and convergence topics. More of my thoughts on policy-based power management.

Bob Brown, CEO of TelaData, is a visionary on this conference. He sees a massive convergence of technologies... technologies
within the data center (i.e. the move toward IP-based video & audio) and the convergence of data center design itself (i.e. facilities, cabling, power management, etc.).

The two together have to be taken into consideration when designing new facilities. If you don't, then you risk mis-estimating compute, power, cabling and other layout requirements. And the $100+ million building you construct is obsolete before it's complete.

And these guys are the pros. While it's confidential (I think) they're advising some of the biggest data center users and web 2.0 companies in the business on data center construction.

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