Wednesday, January 16, 2008

EDS Outlines Key Data Center Energy Saving Measures for 2008

I Just came across this very validating article in the newsletter, Data Centre News from the BroadGroup in the U.K.

The EDS Fellows – a team of recognized IT leaders in EDS, the US outsourcing and IT company - have predicted 8 measures that need to be taken to reduce the impact of the Data Center on the environment and also prolong the use of IT components. They include:
  1. Users should move away from deploying one application per server. By using server virtualization server utilization can be boosted from 15 to 20 per cent to up to 90 per cent.
  2. Users should turn off their IT hardware – servers - when they are not being used. Automated operating processes should be deployed to bring on servers when they are required. [Personal note: I'm happy to see that Server Power Management made it to #2 on this list!]
  3. Users should deploy power saving techniques which reduce server operating speeds and increase power supply efficiencies.
  4. Users should reduce the number of software applications that are deployed within the Data Center and standardize as much as possible, and cut out the under-used applications.
  5. Users should deploy higher density multi-core CPU’s which will as a result lead to fewer blades required per rack.
  6. Users should implement a rigorous maintenance and replacement policy to improve the Data Center layout and IT configuration within the Data Center
  7. Users should focus on the entire IT infrastructure operation rather than reducing the cost of computing, and should seek to measure the overall power impact of their facility. [Personal note: this is consistent with the metrics & recommendations I've found from the Uptime Institute]
  8. Finally users should consider the implications of networked and integrated IT services, in particular to control heat, cooling and lighting in line with the use of the facility.

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