Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cassatt again cited by Gartner as "Cool Vendor"

John Rath's "Data Center Links" picked-up on Gartner's highlighting of Cassatt in their "Cool vendors in Sourcing and IT services 2008" report this year. This is primarily due to partnering with Tata Consulting to provide a
"...solution, built on TCS' best practices and proven methodologies, is enabled by Cassatt's software, which combines goal-driven automation with virtualization control to help customers create a real-time IT infrastructure that can achieve desired application service levels. TCS and Cassatt are now on their way to creating a highly visible Next Generation Infrastructure lab that will host Utility Computing enabled by Cassatt as a key solution station.
Despite the fact that John once believed that Cassatt's products were "just plain silly", it would appear that he's come around...

And, BTW, he writes an awesome data center blog, e.g. recently wrapping up Data Center World, Green Data Center Topics, and a number of newsworthy blog feeds.

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