Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cassatt IT Energy Survey & Roundup

Today we at Cassatt announced our very comprehensive survey of IT energy Efficiency, and released a companion White Paper as well. Although I initially blogged about initial findings back in January, since then we've been doing analyses and going back to respondents and collecting 1st-hand 1:1 data and quotes that elaborate on the raw data. (I might add that excerpts of these interviews are included in the white paper).

The Survey was a really wide-ranging look at the IT industry - who's taking what initiatives, where are the industry pain-points, what sources of information are trusted, etc., and we found a few surprising data points as well. Such as
  • Where most enterprises go for "green" IT information may not be where you think
  • The degree of energy waste in different departments is more acute than you might believe
  • The willingness of some professionals to take new/different approaches to power management is more aggressive than we believed
More Surveys:
I've been spending time researching a number of other very excellent data center surveys being conducted, and you should look at them together to provide a rounded-out picture of the state-of-the-industry. Here goes:
One last note: a significant finding in our own survey was that most IT managers still turn to their equipment vendors for guidance on energy efficiency -- rather than to independent sources. So my final plea is that you look hard at the surveys, conclusions and recommendations that come from independent sources as much (or more) than the data that comes from the big vendors. Besides the surveys above, fantastic work is also coming out of The Green Grid, The Uptime Institute, as well as from the EPA.

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