Friday, June 6, 2008

Real-life data center efficiency projects!

It's about time the industry stopped talking about data center & IT energy efficiency, and started doing something.

The good news is the first wave of actual projects, metrics and results is about to be unveiled. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) is hosting their first Data Center Summit '08 in Santa Clara CA on June 26. The 1-day event will be co-sponsored by the California Energy Commission, the US DOE, and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.

The summit will have 11 case studies of actual projects - each co-sponsored by the SVLG, but implemented by one or more silicon valley companies & technology vendors. Each project addresses a different aspect of data center energy efficiency - from power management to cooling improvements to server efficiency increases. The point being how we can show real progress, and share the data with others.
I believe that California's own CIO will be attending, various other officials, and possibly folks from the EPA as well.

Cassatt, I might add, will be co-presenting a real-life energy-saving project with a user of our Active Power Management technology.

Registration is a mere $295 - you can go to the SVLG website and sign up yourself.


dlaurence said...

LBNL have some actual data center measurements on their site at

as well as a useful guide for self benchmarking.

Hope it's of interest

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