Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Egenera PAN now available on Dell blades

Since about 2001, Egenera has been selling its high-end hardware/software combination that unified re-purposing of physical and virtual servers. It combined super-high-performance blades, with their PAN Manager software. PAN stood for Processing Area Network, akin to a SAN in its ability to logically re-allocate CPUs, and its ability to provide ultra-high reliability. Hundreds of customers at thousands of locations knew this to be the creme-de-la-creme of solutions.

In his blog today, Egenera's CTO talks about PAN Manager now available on Dell Blades.

That means a whole-new level of affordability/performance. It also helps put Dell's blade strategy square in the data center space - and able to take on HP and IBM. Out-of-the-box, Dell blades can support mission-critical levels of availability, regardless of P or V payloads.

It also endorses Egenera's historic approach to Infrastructure Orchestration and the network fabric (what others are also calling unified computing).

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