Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Intel Nehalem + Dell + Repurposing

With all of the Intel/Nehalem (Xeon 5500 series) processor announcements this week, one stands out.

As Dell announced it's new 11th-generation (11G) server product line, Egenera also announced PAN Manager support for Dell hardware, such as Dell m610 11G blades as well. This means that Dell blades are exceptionally well-suited for high-performance, highly-consolidated, virtualized workloads -- all with five-9's of reliability. It also means that Nehalem-based hardware, networking & infrastructure can now be managed using infrastructure orchestration (what others are calling unified computing) today.

That's a huge shift from only a year ago - Dell finally has an enterprise-grade, mission-critical level-of-reliability offering for virtual, physical, or mixed applications. Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Linux, Unix.

Very cool, guys.

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Rob Rossi said...

Hi Ken,

This looks like a big advance on Egenera's part. Congratulations!