Monday, March 23, 2009

Join me at NY Cloud Computing Expo

This week I'll be putting the finishing-touches on my Day #1 presentation about "Building a Compute Cloud Infrastructure" and where to begin (3:25pm next Monday, to be exact). It's really about my experiences of how enterprises and SPs alike have been approaching building a foundational "Infrastructure-as-a-Service" -- regardless of whether they're planning a virtual, physical, or mixed environment.

Syscon has put together quite an assembly of keynotes - lead-off by Werner Vogels of Amazon and Kristof Kloeckner of IBM.

My angle is simple: I find that whenever and wherever people talk about clouds they usually draw a little stack diagram... and at the bottom of the stack is usually a box that says "commodity infrastructure" on which all of the virtualiztion, PaaS and SaaS stuff sits. Well, what *IS* that foundation made from? How do you assure a scalable, five-9's infrastructure for your cloud (or for anything else for that matter)? So clearly I'll also be alluding to Infrastructure Orchestration (aka unified computing) as well.

And that's it. I plan to first discuss the blind assumptions many of us in IT have been following when architecting systems, and how to get around these 'old world' assumptions. I'll then transition into how enterprises been constructing these more adaptive, resilient IaaS foundations. Also, I'll touch on how they work and what they look like in real life. That's it.

Hope to see you Monday in NY at the Roosevelt Hotel.

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