Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In their own words: Valley CTOs' Blogs & Tweets

I noticed that I subscribe to feeds from a number of CTO-like folks, so I thought I'd publish a few of my favorites:

Sun's CTO,
Greg Papadopoulos - Blog
I love listening to Greg - definitely a visionary, definitely well-connected. He's the guy I referenced back in 2007 when he observed that The World Only Needs 5 Computers. Looking like this concept is really coming true.
Cisco's CTO, Padmasree Warrior - Blog - Twitter
Padmasree's blog started getting major traction when Cisco "leaked" their UCS system. As Cisco's visionary, she has unbelievable insight into where IT is going, with a great sense of "humanity" and realism thrown in.
Amazon's CTO, Werner Vogels - Blog - Twitter
What can I say? As the chief spokesperson for Amazon Web Services, he does a great job championing All Things Cloud. I had the opportunity to see him a few months ago at the Cloud Computing Expo in NY, and his vision is compelling.
Intel CTO, Justin Rattner - Blog
While only an occasional Blogger, he definitely reflects Intel's position on a number of issues and technologies.
BMC Software CTO, Tom Bishop - Blog
Tom has a great way of posing thought questions and industry issues from an Enterprise Management perspective. He doesn't seem to get lots of comments on his Blog, though. Wonder why. :|
Novell's CTO, Jeff Jaffe - Blog
A frequent blogger (and, I might add, so is Novell's CMO). I like this blog b/c I think it gives a real sense of where his (and Novell's) mind is at.
HP's Cloud Services CTO, Russ Daniels - Blog
Russ is HP's visionary in the cloud/SaaS space. Very cool guy. Unfortunately his Blog reads more like Twitter updates. But he's posted a few interesting videos to the web recently.

These are the guys I track... and I'm surprised that more tech companies either don't have official CTOs, or don't tend to condone Blogging/Tweeting.

Which others do you follow?

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