Monday, February 1, 2010

Hosting & Cloud Computing market index: Update

This month's updates to my original index indicate that the hosting market - and particularly those companies that are in the cloud hosting market - are doing quite well at holding their own against the falling NASDAQ index. Although the NASDAQ component was down ~ $7, my broad hosting component was down less than $1, while my cloud computing component was actually up ~ $7.

One other point of note: Apparently Merriman Curhan Ford also believed that coverage of this space was now warranted:
"We believe Cloud Computing represents a fundamental shift with regards to how IT organizations manage and source data center computing resources.  Companies such as Terremark, Rackspace, SAVVIS and NaviSite are at the forefront of this development," said Alex Kurtz, senior vice president and technology equity research analyst of Merriman Curhan Ford.  "Our core differentiator in covering this space is leveraging our expertise within our existing coverage of IT systems vendors, who are competing for the same IT budget dollar and impacted by the same macro trends as a Terremark or a Rackspace."