Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Image Makeover for IT

Wow. I just have to share notes about a meeting today - one that might have been unthinkable a year or so ago.

I've been working closely with EMC's CIO and internal IT groups lately, helping understand how they're delivering IT as a Service. EMC's IT is going through a major transformation, where it's becoming more competitive, more business-centric, more like an internal Service Provider.

What blew me away was a conversation I was invited into because I was in marketing. Could I help? IT wanted to begin  investigating how to market its on-demand/ITaaS services internally to EMC lines-of-business. We discussed audience segmentation, how IT would like to be perceived (read: Brand Essence), and the services/value IT provides to assist the business.What should a marketing and roll-out plan look like? Graphic designs? Should IT instead be called BT (Business Technology)? How would the value of Service Manager roles be highlighted?

The discussion - while well from over - I believe is a harbinger for the "new" IT, where IT provides value and competitive advantage to other lines-of-business, where it acts like a strategic partner/vendor, and competes for business. It's so much more than technology.

We agreed that another harbinger of change was when the CIO spends more time with the CMO, rather than with the CFO. And I can attest to being present to one such meeting.

So, in the process of IT elevating its value-add, IT will enhance how it caters to the business. It will actively promote its new service orientation, its new operating model, its new mindset.

And I am more than happy to help.


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